Last Chance to See Snow This Year

With all signs pointing towards warm weather coming soon, many of you may be looking to get one last weekend ski trip in before the slopes close for the season.  No matter where in the country you live, you are never to far from a ski resort and here are the closing date ranges of some popular ones that may be in your area.

Colorado Ski Resorts – With the majority of them closing in mid to late april you are lucky enough to have just over a month to visit these.  Plan your trip accordingly.

North Carolina Ski Resorts – Most North Carolina Ski resorts will be closed by mid to late march therefore it is important that if you plan to go you not only book, but take your trip ASAP.

Ohio Ski Resorts – Ohio is another state that has their resorts closing in mid to late March.  Plan accordingly.

Utah Ski Resorts – Utah leaves a little time available for you to plan your trip but still not more than 5-6 weeks.  They will all be closed by late march so contact your travel agent today and get your trip booked!

West Virginia Resorts – West Virginia resorts will be closed by April 5th which gives you a little time, but still not very many free weekends.  It would be best to pick one out now to avoid missing out for the rest of the year.


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