5 Ways to Welcome Students Back to School (and Ease Their Anxiety)

Even as an adult, it is hard to forget that feeling of the first day of the new school year, whatever that feeling was for you. Sure, some enjoyed it, but most were met at the school doors with feelings of apprehension, fear, nervousness, anxiety, and the stark reality that summer vacation was truly over!

Please! Don’t Make me Write About “How I Spend my Summer Vacation”!

Do you get the moans and groans from your students when you assign that timeless essay at the beginning of each school year on how each student spent their summer vacation? Are you dreading the possibility of reading 20 essays describing how they spend endless hours playing video games or the evading excuse of “I didn’t really do anything”?

3 Ways to Keep Children’s Minds Sharp in the Summer

Library Programs

It’s never too early to sign your child up for their first library card and summer is an excellent time to do so.  Not only do most schools already have required summer reading programs to encourage the kids to read, but many libraries have their own programs offering rewards and incentives to the children who log the most pages.