3 Ways to Keep Children’s Minds Sharp in the Summer

Library Programs

It’s never too early to sign your child up for their first library card and summer is an excellent time to do so.  Not only do most schools already have required summer reading programs to encourage the kids to read, but many libraries have their own programs offering rewards and incentives to the children who log the most pages.  A library card can be obtained in a few minutes time and can be an excellent way to get the kids started on a lifetime of reading!


Nature Center Visits

You may not hear about it very much, but if you look hard enough you are sure to find that your area has a nature center close by that is filled with educational opportunities for your kids this summer.  A quick visit will provide your kids with endless amounts of information on different birds, fish and other sorts of local wildlife that they could spend weeks learning about and tracking throughout the neighborhood.  Be sure to contact your local nature center to learn more about their camps and summer programs as well!



Whether you choose to set your child up with an easel and a paintbrush or just buy them a box of sidewalk chalk and let them decorate the driveway, art can be a great way to stimulate the mind throughout the summer.

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