Case Study: Reducing the Fear of Medical Costs

“I can’t afford to go to the doctor. Maybe it will get better.”

“We just don’t have the money right now.”

“Maybe we can borrow some money from ___.”

Have you heard anyone say these things before? Have you said them before? Knowing medical care will be expensive may affect the decisions someone makes about seeking treatment.

The fear of unknown medical costs could impact health if no medical care is received, which could result in a condition getting worse. Helping to reduce the fear of medical costs could have a significant and positive impact on your student/family body.

Let parents know your school provides The Student Accident Program for their students. They will be thankful there is a safety net for injuries at school or on school field trips.

Contact us for a copy of the coverage, to compare your current plan, or to talk further with one of our team members about any of our other student, employee, or school benefits.

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