Client Testimonials


See What Your Peers Are Saying About Student Accident’s Comprehensive Risk-Management Coverage & Solutions.

B. Brokke
Grace Christian School

Overall, I would have to say that we are very pleased with your services offered at Educator Resources. I am fairly new to the office so last year was the first time I was involved in the process of issuing a claim. The Student Accident plan was easy to implement. We have had a few instances again this year where we had to implement our plan with no problems! Also, our servicing agent has been a great help to us!

L. Lemmon
Lake Pointe Academy

We’ve used Student Accident Insurance since our school’s doors opened. It was one of the best steps we’ve taken — and one of the easiest to implement. When our state association recommended Student Accident coverage, we were pleased to be one step ahead. The policy is simple, vital, and appreciated by our parents. The staff at Educator Resources has always been most helpful and prompt to respond to our needs.

B. Martin
Hampton Park Christian School

The customer service of Educator Resources – Student Accident plan is great! It’s a great feeling to know we have our students covered through a great secondary insurance. It’s an added value that parents appreciate after something happens. It is easy to implement and Educator Resources is so easy to work with.

L. Estrella
Maili Bible School

Maili Bible Church and School has chosen Educator Resources as our one-stop insurance provider because of the vast resources they provide. We can count on Educator Resources’ personal care in recommending the best insurance coverage with the best possible price for every part of our ministry and for those who work here. Educator Resources’ care and support for our ministry helps us provide education for the future! Thank you for your hard work! We appreciate all you do.

D. Bear
People Advancing Christian Education

We have spent a considerable amount of time on the student accident product and feel strongly that we can recommend this coverage and Educator Resources without hesitation. With this plan you don’t have to worry about hidden clauses, under-insured students or the stability of the company.

A. Wilkinson
Palmetto Baptist Academy

We wanted to say thank you to Educator Resources and Markel for assisting us with our recent daycare child claim. We recommend them to any other schools who do not have coverage with them.

K. Williams
Westover Christian Academy

I can’t imagine having my school open for even one day if I didn’t have the coverage and protection of a sound Student Accident Insurance Policy. After shopping for quotes we have found Educator Resources to offer the best value for the money in the industry.

G. DeBruler
Cornerstone Christian Academy

The customer service of Educator Resources – Student Accident plan is excellent. The representatives informed our staff how to use the policy correctly and it was very helpful. They provided all the necessary documents to ensure our school was properly covered in the event of an accident. The plan is inexpensive and easy to implement. Having Student Accident coverage takes a burden off our shoulders!

M. Sugimoto
Hanalani Schools

For the past fifteen plus years, Educator Resources has been an incredible partner in helping us care for our team, a God-send. For any ministry, its people are of paramount importance, and Educator Resources helps us invest in our people.

J. Gregory
Calvary Christian School

In the past we have had difficulty with claims from our student accident policies, but not this year since Educator Resources has been our team. Thank you for providing a great service at a reasonable cost.

M. Cooper
Southeastern New Hampshire Christian Academy

To Educator Resources I say a big thank you for making my duties much easier. Being so inclusive in coverage you will never have to to be concerned how you are going to explain to parents why you just can’t cover this unexpected bill while caring for their child.