Top 3 Family Spring Break Destinations

It’s getting to be crunch time for this looking to plan a family trip for spring break.  Here are a few of the most popular spots around the U.S. that are definitely worth considering.

  1. Walt Disney World – Who doesn’t love the magic of Disney World? The answer to that is very few people.  The Orlando based cluster of theme parks offers attractions that not only engage the kids but are appealing to family members of all ages.  Don’t sleep on this option.  Do your research and see why we rate this the top family destination.
  2. Part City Utah – One of the largest and most popular ski resorts the U.S. has to offer boasts a range of slopes that are appealing to skiers of all levels.  This can provide a great way for the family to have an active break together!
  3. Washington D.C. – Although it may not seem like the most popular family destination, DC is rich in history and offers enough attractions for you to fill a trip of almost any length.

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