Ten Tips for Recognizing a Concussion

10 Concussion Signs for Coaches to Watch For.

As sports seasons are getting into full swing, coaches must be watching their athletes to be sure that none have suffered from a concussion without knowing it. In contact sports, it is very common for a student to sustain a concussion without even knowing it. Here are some things to watch for to make sure that if your players have sustained one, they are treated immediately!


  1. Athlete appears dazed or stunned
  2. Athlete is confused about assignment or position
  3. Athlete quickly forgets instruction
  4. Athlete is unsure of game, score or opponent
  5. Athlete begins to move clumsily
  6. Athlete begins to answer questions loudly
  7. Athlete loses consciousness
  8. Athlete shows mood or behavior changes
  9. Athlete cant recall events prior to hit or fall
  10. Athlete cant recall events after fall


These are some things to look out for after one of your athletes has sustained contact with another player or the ground. Being mindful for these signs could help prevent further damage and help keep other players safe as well!

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