Tips for Surviving Pollen Season

As you must have noticed by now, pollen has taken much of the U.S. by storm and there is little to do to combat it.  Here are some tips for how to avoid it as best you can.

  1. Monitor the Pollen Count – During the spring when Pollen is prevalent, a variety of news sources keep track of the Pollen count which is put together by local weather sources.  Keep track of this count to see when the best days are to be outside.
  2. Fill Prescriptions for any Springtime Allergy Medications – It’s easy to put off getting the prescriptions for your springtime medications, however it is best to have them filled immediately as the season is just beginning.
  3. Plan Outdoor Days Accordingly – Between watching the weather, pollen counts and just keeping track of your medications, use those tools to pick the best outdoor days to spend with your family!

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About the Author:Student Accident