Spring Break Safety

Spring is here! Time for one of the most popular school holidays: spring break. Make this year’s trip memorable by having fun and helping yourself, your friends, and others stay healthy and out of harm’s way. The CDC gives several tips about spring break safety:

  • Limit alcohol
  • Be active
  • Be prepared for your trip
  • Protect yourself
  • Think twice before putting yourself at risk
  • Protect your eyes
  • Know the ropes of swimming and boating
  • Protect yourself from the sun
  • Eat healthy
  • Be smoke free
  • Get help when necessary

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Last Chance to See Snow This Year

With all signs pointing towards warm weather coming soon, many of you may be looking to get one last weekend ski trip in before the slopes close for the season.  No matter where in the country you live, you are never to far from a ski resort and here are the closing date ranges of some popular ones that may be in your area.