Benefits to Parents and Students

We have talked about the benefits of the Student Accident Program to the school’s budget and how important it is to protect the operating costs, salaries, educational funds, nutrition allowance, and many other vital parts of the school’s finances. Let’s look at the benefits to the parents and children:

  1. Excessive Cost – Even with primary medical in place, most plans have high deductibles, co-insurance, and Out-of-Network charges. Student Accident can complement their current coverage by filling in many of the gaps where their insurance does not provide coverage.
  2. Protection of future tuition – Out-of-pocket costs can deplete tuition savings for future education and enrollment. Will funds for future tuition be unavailable because of current and unforeseen medical bills?
  3. Quality and Level of Medical Care – Is medical care being sacrificed? Without school coverage in place, will there be instances of:
    • Minimal Care – Was a lower level of care chosen because of the out-of-pocket cost to the parents?
    • Delayed Care – Care was put off to find funds to pay for care, possibly causing more harm of exacerbating the injury.
    • No Care – Parents could not pay out of pocket for medical costs

An injury isn’t as simple as paying for one doctor visit. The burden of medical care can affect not only a student’s health but also their ability to continue enrollment. For the parent, the cost of care affects the entire family. The proper risk management plan can create a safety net, one that can increase a student’s likelihood of success.

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