5 Tips to Prepare for Flu Season

With all the hustle and bustle of the busy back to school season, most of us tent to forget that flu season is just around the corner.  Here are five tips to prepare your children for this seasons virus!

1. Get Vaccinated!  It’s easy to forget to get yourself and your kids vaccinated if you don’t visit the doctor during the season, but with vaccines now available at most grocery stores and pharmacies, there is no excuse for missing out on it this year.  Vaccines usually become available in early October.

2. Start Healthy Habits Now! Healthy habits can be started at any time and it doesn’t have to be related to a flu virus.  Getting your kids in the habit of washing their hands after being in public places and before each meal could help them lead a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

3. Budget Your Sick Days! Even with everything done right, sometimes someone in your household will end up getting the flu.  Be sure you have sick days budgeted for this occurrence so that you can stay home and nurse them back to health!

4. Keep A Clean Home!  They may call it spring cleaning, however that doesn’t mean that it must take place after the winter.  Making sure your family is coming home to a clean and germ free home every night will pay huge dividends in health bills!

5. Spread The Word! Lets face it, you are way more likely to catch the flu from someone you interact with on a daily basis.  Share this article and these tips with your close friends so hopefully they will follow them too.  There is nothing better than a healthy group of friends!

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