Its Cool to be Kind: 20 Ways to Perform Random Acts of Kindness

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is observed in the United States on February 17th. The day originated in New Zealand where it is celebrated on September 1st and is recognized by others on various days throughout the year.

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in spreading kindness throughout schools,

Honoring Black History Month in 2018

Beginning on the first of February each year, our nation spends the month honoring the history and contributions of African Americans. The theme for Black History Month 2018 is “African Americans in Times of War”, spotlighting the brave men and women who served their country in the armed forces, especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the American principles of freedom and democracy.

Social Media and Children: How Young is Too Young?

Social Media has exploded in the last decade and its influence on adolescents is a topic of constant debate. Yet the ultimate question remains: how young is too young to be using social networks? Social Media can be addictive because of its user’s curiosity about the contacts, recent events, and the general need to constantly know what their peers are up to.

Cyber Thieves Attack Schools, Targeting Some of the Most Defenseless People in the Country – Kids

Over three dozen schools across the country have fallen victim to attacks by cyberthieves this year alone: Paychecks and data are being stolen, and networks are being taken over to extort money.

Schools are rushing to increase the use of technology in the classroom but aren’t taking the proper precautions to keep data secure.

Tips for Surviving Pollen Season

As you must have noticed by now, pollen has taken much of the U.S. by storm and there is little to do to combat it.  Here are some tips for how to avoid it as best you can.

  1. Monitor the Pollen Count – During the spring when Pollen is prevalent, a variety of news sources keep track of the Pollen count which is put together by local weather sources. 

Last Chance to See Snow This Year

With all signs pointing towards warm weather coming soon, many of you may be looking to get one last weekend ski trip in before the slopes close for the season.  No matter where in the country you live, you are never to far from a ski resort and here are the closing date ranges of some popular ones that may be in your area.