3 Ways to Prepare For a Rainy Day

As you may have heard, this past weekend a large geographic area of the Carolinas was devastated by rain and floods.  Whether you are a a school that was personally affected by these natural disasters, or are just looking to have a plan in place for the future, here are some tips that will help you put a plan together courtesy of Student Accident.

Food Allergy Awareness: Tips for Administrators

Food allergies are an unavoidable issue that we all must acknowledge and prepare for each day.  Here are some tips for how to make sure your schools is prepared to accommodate students with food allergies.

1. Prepare the cafeteria staff – The main interaction between students and food at your school will almost always be in a cafeteria.  

3 Ways to Keep Children’s Minds Sharp in the Summer

Library Programs

It’s never too early to sign your child up for their first library card and summer is an excellent time to do so.  Not only do most schools already have required summer reading programs to encourage the kids to read, but many libraries have their own programs offering rewards and incentives to the children who log the most pages. 

Allergy prevention and symptoms

Allergies: Symptoms and Prevention

Allergies can be a troubling ordeal for your children at any age. Here are some symptoms and prevention tips to help out around the house.

Symptoms- Allergy symptoms often go unrecognized. You may falsely believe you have a cold or the flu. While the symptoms are similar, allergies can be differentiated. Common symptoms include sneezing,

Student playground



With summer starting to heat up, here are a few tips to make sure you and your children stay safe and cool throughout the summer!

5 Tips for Surviving the Heat this Summer:

Drink Plenty of water– In hot weather, drink enough to quench your thirst.  The average adult needs eight,