Are Students Covered on a Field Trip?

The Student Accident Program generally extends coverage for eligible benefits on field trips that are:

1.  School Sanctioned 

A sanctioned trip must be one that has the school’s permission or approval. A school would not want to extend their liability for an event that fell outside of their control.

2.  School Supervised

A supervised trip is under the direct observation and control of the school. The school is responsible for the activities and managing the events of the trip.

The events must be for normal school activities. Let’s look at what this could mean…

Events such as a picnic, a trip to a museum, seeing a play, or visiting a zoo will generally involve the same educational activities that a student could encounter during a regular day at school. These activities are not outside normal, expected behavior or risk. Feeding a lion by hand at that zoo would NOT be a normal activity and typically fall outside of expected risk. A visit to a park would generally involve usual action and risk; Class-V white water rafting would generally not be considered an acceptable risk.

Many schools have away games for their athletes. To be eligible, the school must also include sports coverage in their base plan. This is especially important for football players as there is a separate enrollment class. Verify that appropriate coverage has been elected for your school’s needs.

Some of these examples may be lighthearted but if there are any questions on activities that may or may not be eligible, please contact us for an underwriting review.

Contact us for a copy of the coverage, to compare your current plan, or to talk further with one of our team members about any of our other student, employee, or school benefits.

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