Boast About Your Student Accident Program

The Student Accident Program is such a valuable benefit to students who attend your school. We see many schools without a well-thought-out risk management plan implemented. Having one in place helps to make your academy stand out as a proactive leader in student safety. Because of this, we suggest the schools promote it as a benefit of their academy.

We know that even though parents may have medical coverage at home, most people have high deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance. Their major medical plan may be insufficient in providing for all medical expenses when it comes to an accident. That can leave a large portion of bills unpaid.

Use your Student Accident Program to:

  • Attract New Students
  • Retain Student Census

By promoting the coverage to your parents it expresses how their child is protected as a student of your school and shows there is another way you value them for choosing your school for their education and growth.

Have questions about promoting your benefits? Let us know!

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