The Hidden Cost of Student Accidents

The Student Accident Program was designed to benefit our schools, students, and parents. We wanted a program to protect all three from the cost of medical bills and the hidden cost of accident claims that schools sometimes overlook.

What are the known costs?

When a student is injured at school, that injury requires medical care which can range from only a few stitches to casts, rods, implants, hospital stays, medications, and doctor visits. Those bills may be inexpensive or come with a high price tag.

What are the hidden costs?

When a school pays for those injuries because of responsibility or lawsuits, that money comes out of the school funds. But let’s look at what impact that has. The school’s funds go towards salaries, supplies for students, textbooks, nutrition, property costs such as mortgage and maintenance; all the things it takes to keep the school doors open.

Some questions to think about:

·        Has your school budgeted for accidents?

·        Have you raised additional funds for claims?

·        What resources are you willing to sacrifice from the funds? Someone’s salary? New textbooks?

The Student Accident Program keeps your school from sacrificing your budget because of an accident. As a small part of a student’s tuition, this is no cost to the school’s budget…at all.

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