Designing Perfection for Prom

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It’s one of the biggest highlights of high school: prom! Months of planning and preparation go into this special night. Make smart decisions to keep it safe, fun, and low-stress.

To feel your best, get plenty of sleep the night before, have a decent meal, and stay hydrated. Ladies, make sure to avoid wearing heels that are too high or difficult to walk in. The shoes will likely be hidden anyway if you are wearing a long dress.

When a big group is involved, collaborating on details such as picture times, restaurants, and transportation can become an annoyance. Fastweb recommends creating a prom Facebook group so everyone can communicate quickly about the event. This can help keep plans straight and everyone within the group will remain on the same page.

Here are some great prom night safety tips from the CDC:

  • Just say no – There will likely be pressure to drink, smoke, use drugs, or have sex on prom night. Drinking is the cause of over 4,500 adolescent deaths each year and is associated with other problems such as sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy. Alcohol and drugs alter judgement and can result in you being harmed or harming others. Just because others are doing something, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. It is okay to say no!
  • Travel safely – Teen drivers are four times more likely to crash than older, more experienced drivers. ALWAYS wear a seatbelt (no matter how short or long the drive is). Never drink and drive, and never get into a vehicle with someone who has been drinking or using drugs.
  • Watch out for dating violence – For too many, dating violence is a very real issue. This type of violence can occur among heterosexual or same-sex couples, regardless of if the couple has been together for a long time or have just recently met. Many events go unreported due to fear of telling friends and family. Abuse is not just physical – it can be verbal, emotional, or sexual. Know your boundaries and communicate them to your partner. Always respect yourself and others and report abusive or dangerous activity to family or 911.
  • Plan for after-parties – Going to an after-prom party? Make sure it is adult supervised. Be aware of your surroundings and attend with a “buddy”. Make an agreement with friends to check on one another throughout the evening. Always keep parents informed of where you are and call someone you trust if plans change or you need help.
  • Talk to other adults – Parents, communicate with other parents and school officials. Make sure you are readily available and easy to get in touch with if there is an emergency. It is also important to know the address of the dance and any after parties that will be attended.

Prom is a high school rite of passage, a night to be remembered for years to come. Make wise decisions and have fun!

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