4 Must Have Items for Back to School

The team at Student Accident hopes that you have had an enjoyable Christmas break with the kids at home!  Here are four must haves for getting them ready to go back to school!

  1. Winter Coat – Although it may still feel like September depending on what part of the country you are in, this weather is sure to change eventually and it is important to make sure your kids are warm and healthy through the winter months.
  2. School Supplies – Although they were probably purchased back in August for the start of the fall semester, you never know how quickly kids can manage to lose them.  Cover your basis and stock up again to make sure your students are well prepared to begin the new semester.
  3. Healthy Lunch Options – After what may have been an unhealthy break (for some), those making lunches should make sure they have the house stocked with healthy options.  Subscribe and view our previous posts on healthy snacks!
  4. Winter Sports Gear – Staying active is a known key to staying healthy, however we know that it can be tough to do in the cold winter months.  Luckily many sports can be played indoors so stock up on basketballs, soccer balls and other active gear that can be used indoors!

Once you are stocked up on those items you and your family should be set to enjoy another great semester!

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