Play it Safe: Playground Safety Tips

Recess is typically the highlight of a child’s school day. It is important to make sure that playgrounds are as safe as they are fun. Here at Student Accident, we want to help your school prepare for anything that could happen on the playground or during any other school-related activity. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that each year,

National Insurance Awareness Day 2018

When did the concept of insurance fist start? Surprisingly, a lot earlier than one would think. Insurance is found inscribed in the Code of Hammaurabi: the first written laws. It even predates what was considered the first official foundation of law. Earliest known versions are found in 3000-2000 BC. Modern age insurance as we think of it today came into existence around the time of the Great Fire of London.

Designing Perfection for Prom

It’s one of the biggest highlights of high school: prom! Months of planning and preparation go into this special night. Make smart decisions to keep it safe, fun, and low-stress.

To feel your best, get plenty of sleep the night before, have a decent meal, and stay hydrated. Ladies, make sure to avoid wearing heels that are too high or difficult to walk in.

Cyber Thieves Attack Schools, Targeting Some of the Most Defenseless People in the Country – Kids

Over three dozen schools across the country have fallen victim to attacks by cyberthieves this year alone: Paychecks and data are being stolen, and networks are being taken over to extort money.

Schools are rushing to increase the use of technology in the classroom but aren’t taking the proper precautions to keep data secure.

Tips for Surviving Pollen Season

As you must have noticed by now, pollen has taken much of the U.S. by storm and there is little to do to combat it.  Here are some tips for how to avoid it as best you can.

  1. Monitor the Pollen Count – During the spring when Pollen is prevalent, a variety of news sources keep track of the Pollen count which is put together by local weather sources. 

Food Allergy Awareness: Tips for Administrators

Food allergies are an unavoidable issue that we all must acknowledge and prepare for each day.  Here are some tips for how to make sure your schools is prepared to accommodate students with food allergies.

1. Prepare the cafeteria staff – The main interaction between students and food at your school will almost always be in a cafeteria.